MAER GROUP media facade in Chelyabinsk!

Second stage of All-Russian program of MAER GROUP

In March, the second media façade from the all-Russian program for development of advertising media technologies in the Russian regions was launched into operation. The media façade is installed in Chelyabinsk. The Chelyabinsk media façade having an area of 921.6 sq. m. is located in Komsomolsky prospect in the direction towards the city center. The installation of the advertising giant took exactly a month, and production of the media façade required 4,423,680 LEDs. The location of the advertising vehicle is included into the top of the most effective for placing outdoor advertising in Chelyabinsk. The fact that the format allows to use HD video, on one hand, will add dynamics and modernity to the city, and on the other – turn viewing of advertisement for Chelyabinsk dwellers into a high-tech and spectacular process (the screens having such area are a few in Russia), and, in addition, will make more efficient the advertising of the brands which will appear on the media façade in the near future.


Close to the Chelyabinsk media façade there are an aviation transport agency, food stores, South Ural Institute, Moscow Pedagogical University, Chelyabinsk College of law and some other higher educational institutions. Also, in close vicinity there is Ural shopping mall, Magnolia shopping center, Pobeda shopping mall, Komsomolsky trade and exhibition complex, shopping and office centers, several schools and kindergartens. 24-hour transport traffic ensures high advertising efficienty: GRP – 30, OTS - 351 000. MAER GROUP’s project related to wide spreading media façades can be considered a breakthrough of advanced outdoor advertising technologies in the regional markets. Till present, our regions remained outside of the latest tendencies of outdoor advertising. One of the main reasons for that is an extremely high cost of production and installation of innovative media advertising structure. The project will concern virtually all large cities of Russia with the population of over a million and will become a starting point for moving innovations into the parts of the country remote from the center. The first people to see the new format were the residents of Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk with the rest – million cities and regional centers being next in turn.


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