AUDI became first!

AUDI was the first to place its video on the media vehicle which is unique in Ural-Siberian region

In December 2014, AUDI placed an image video on the so far the only media façade in the Ural-Siberian region in Yekaterinburg. The three-minute video of the company in perfect quality advertises the all-wheel-drive models of Audi. The size of the picture is 672 sq.m., which unconditionally is a precedent in the regional advertising market.

The media façade in Yekaterinburg is owned by MAER GROUP and was put into operation last week.

"It's no secret that AUDI is always on the peak of innovations,” said Konstantin Mayor, the owner of MAER GROUP media holding. “We are not surprised that AUDI is the first one here as well. Speaking about the content of advertising on the media façade, the placement by AUDI is a live example of how one image vehicle can effectively communicate several products at a time. And to do that in a spectacular and high-quality way.”

The project of MAER GROUP to install its own media façades in the Russian regions will concern virtually all large cities of Russia with the population of over a million and will become a starting point for moving innovations to the parts of the country remote from the center. The dwellers of Yekaterinburg were the first to see the new format, Chelyabinsk dwellers are the next – the media façade has been installed there and undergoes the last tests before operation


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