First media facade launched!

The first media facade from all-Russian program of MAER GROUP was launched into operation.

Yesterday, on 11 December in Yekaterinburg, the first media façade of the Ural-Siberian region of Russia was officially launched into operation within the framework of the large-scale all-Russian project of MAER GROUP.

The official opening and launch of the first media façade to become the largest not only in Yekaterinburg, but in the Russia's largest Ural-Siberian region took place on Thursday in the evening on Malysheva street. The structure can be seen at a distance of several kilometers.

Malysheva street is a traffic artery of Yekaterinburg passing through the whole center of the city. Media format of large outdoor advertisement allows to HD video and dynamic images, and regulate brightness depending on the time of the date and weather conditions.

The first messages on the media façade were public service video projects of MAER GROUP media holding – the videos "Developing children's sport" and "Watch and you will see..". The firs public service video was created specially for the opening of the annual Alexander Popov Cup swimming tournament among the teenagers. The purpose of creating the video was drawing attention of the public to sports events of such level in Russia. The second public service video, or even a film (5 minutes), is a joint creation of MAER GROUP and the known sand painter Victoria Parkhomenko. The video is about how sometimes quite meaningless in our life become perhaps the most important if one looks closer.

The project of MAER GROUP to promote the large media format in the Russian region will concern virtually all large cities of Russia with the population of over a million and will become a starting point for moving innovations to the parts of the country remote from the center. The first to try the new format were the dwellers of Yekaterinburg with Chelyabinsk being next in turn. There the media façade has been already installed and undergoes the latest testing before being put into operation. In the near future, large media advertising vehicles of MAER GROUP will appear in the rest million cities.

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