More than

millions people are use Unilever products every day

The history of translational English-Dutch company Unilever starts in 1880 in England and the Netherlands.

After entering the Russian market in 1991, in 1992 Unilever opened Unirus representative office in Moscow. The office started its operations by importing products, including Lux toilet soap, OMO laundry detergent, Signal toothpaste, Impulse deodorants and Lipton tea.

The head office was founded in January 1994 in St. Petersburg, and by July of the next year Severnoye Siyanie perfumes and cosmetics factory was united with Unirus. Such brands as Sunsilk, Timotei and Denim started to be produced in Russia, as well as a wide variety of products under the Severnoye Siyanie brands: Flowers of Russia toilet water, For Men and Club colognes.

Continuing to invest in Russia, in April 1996 Unilever established a representative office Van den Bergh en Jurgens BV in April 1996 for development of the food products business. So, such brands as Rama, Delmy, Calve and Brooke Bond tea which continued the traditions of Lipton brand which was widely represented and gained consumer confidence. In March 1998, the company acquired Moscow Margarine Plant.

In October 2000, Unilever acquired Bestfoods (known as CPC Foods before). The products of the company are well-known – these are Knorr and Hellmann’s brands. As a result of the unification, another ultra-modern production facility appeared in Russia – a factory in Tula. In March 2002, a tea-packing factory built in St. Petersburg next to Severnoye Siyanie factory was officially opened.

Today, Unilever employs about 1500 people in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and more than 100 cities in Russia and Ukraine.

Providing the Russians with quality and affordable products, Unilever acts as a responsible corporate citizen in the country where the company is presented. The company is committed to help the people who are least protected in social terms. From the beginning of its operations in Russia, Unilever has been developing and implementing social programs, acts as a sponsor of cultural and public events, supports charity events in various cities in Russia and Ukraine.


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