Tele 2


milliones of the Company's subscribers

It entered the Russian market in 2003 by launching the GSM-network in several regions. Tele2 worked its way from a small regional network operator up to the operator of the federal level. In 2013 the Company created a new chapter in its history.

After 10 years of successful work in Russia in March 2013 the Swedish group of companies Tele2 AB sold the Russian branch to the VTB group. In February 2014 Tele2 and Rostelecom announced the pooling the mobile assets on the basis of Tele2 and creation of a new federal mobile network operator. License portfolio of the merged company covers almost all the territory of the Russian Federation, which allows building of the federal network. Furthermore, the operator owns the frequencies for deploying the 3G/4G mobile network in all federal areas, including Moscow. In August 2014 a new federal mobile operator Tele2 started its work in more than 60 Russian regions. Upon the completion of the integration the company started providing the wide range of services, including the broadband mobile internet. 


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