Non-standart projects

WOW effect


The area of ​​our world's largest non-standart brandmauer, m2.

Sometimes positioning of the brand or the promoted brand event implies a non-standard communication with the audience. MAER GROUP always supports such approach and offers its clients interesting projects in the sphere of outdoor advertising.

There are several features by which the non-standard projects in outdoor segment can be ranged. Firstly, they differentiate the non-standard in shape – that is, the advertising structure is mounted not on one surface, but on several surfaces, or it is three-dimensional. We have successfully implemented a lot of such projects virtually in all regions of the country, including the world’s larges non-standard brandmauers – Carte Noire in Yekaterinburg in 2009.


Secondly, the non-standard means the combination of various technologies in one advertising structure – for example, our project implemented for MODA trading center. In that structure we joint the classical elements of a brandmauer (frontlit net with an image) and media technologies (LED-based design elements with dynamic backlight possibility).


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