Social responsibility

One can fine a meaning of life only by dedicating oneself to the community. Albert Einstein

Social responsibility of business is always a two-sided process aimed both into the internal environment of the company and outwards. First, business demonstrates responsibility towards its employees, realizing that they, their health, activity and motivation are the key to new victories, achievements and reaching the acmes by the Company. Secondly, this is, of course, contribution of the into development of the community within which it functions. Howsoever pathetically that may sound, but its social responsibility of the company which allows it to reach a qualitatively new level of its existence – the level of the business structure meaningful for the community.

The need to take into account the interests of the community, assuming the responsibility for influence of the business on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, local communities and other interesting parties of the public sphere – that is beyond the limits of the obligation established by the law. Therefore, the organizations ready for such stage of own development voluntarily take additional measures to improve the quality of life of the employees and their families, the local community and society as a whole.

Since 2011, MAER GROUP has been actively supporting Alexander Popov Cup, practically implementing the principles of social responsibility of business. This year, in addition to organizational and financial aid, a special prize from the media holding was established within the framework of the tournament. Also, in support of the above event, MAER group issued a public service video “Developing children’s sports” designed to draw attention of the public to children’s events of similar scale. That is not the only sports event in the social projects of MAER GROUP, the 2013 Russian Junior Mini-Golf Championship and the IX Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament among advertising agencies.

We are also committed to develop the social trend in our direct professional area – advertising. Be believe that public service advertisement and its support is a moral obligation of each advertising market player in Russia, because exactly that activities can be deemed to be the real contribution into development of our society, that means, our country.

Owner of the media holding Konstantin Mayor: “We believe that bringing up sensitive social topics in our today’s society is a very important job and a good cause in every respect. The point is, HOW to make that in an easy-to-understand and effective way”.

One of the latest projects of MAER GROUP in public service advertising is a joint campaign with the recognized master of advertising creativity – StreetArt agency. The “Nevalyashka” (“Tumbler toy”) video brings up the topic of relationship between children and parents, both of their own and adopted ones. The video made up by the creators allows to see the world with the eyes of a child and understand how little it takes to make this world crumble. The project was broadcast on Ural and federal TV channels, and media façades of MAER GROUP. 





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