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types of ice-cream the Company produces

In the beginning, the Company’s owners didn’t consider having their own production. At first they were just selling the ice-cream produced by the Novosibirsk refrigerating plant, then they included other regional ice-cream producers.

The sales were effected through 80 sales points within the city. The distribution was set via personal contacts.

In 1993 the Company turned its attention to the foreign products, moreover not to the regular tubs and bars, but complex ice-cream (e.g. iced or filled with nuts and chocolate).

Currently, the Company produces the ice-cream in two factories: in Omsk and Tula.

By the completion of construction in 2014, the Tula plant became the largest Unilever enterprise in ice-cream production in the Eastern Europe and soon it will enter the world’s top-5.

Sales agent of the Inmarko trade marks through its own sales branches is LLC Inmarko-Trade. Since April 4, 2012 LLC Inmarko-Trade has been reorganized in the form of accession to LLC Unilever Rus by way of succession.


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