Address program includes all the major regions of the Russian Federation

The media holding has been in the Russian market since 2003, and for the 12 years of its development consolidated its positions in the large format market, becoming the absolute leader in terms of own advertising areas.

Starting its history in one of Russia’s largest cities – Yekaterinburg, MAER GROUP team could implement a lot of projects unique in their fulfillment and scale within the framework of the advertising campaigns of its clients – known global and Russian brands.

In 2009, MAER GROUP implemented the world's larges non-standard project. 10,500 square meters of advertisement were placed on a skyscraper in the center of Yekaterinburg. The photo- and video shooting were done from a helicopter.

Since 2011, the media holding has been applying the practice of video shooting in each of its projects. A video lasting not more than 1 minute shows all car and pedestrian traffic in the area of advertising surfaces during the day.

In 2012, MAER GROUP became the first image advertisement operator providing calculations of the efficiency of image advertising to its clients (GRP and OTS). The data are provided to the clients based on independent research of the leading market analyst, ESPAR-Analytic.

In 2013, the media holding expanded its address program to 30 regions of the Russian Federation, including all million cities.

In early 2014, we implemented large-scale advertising campaigns of main sponsors and partners of the XXII Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

In 2014, MAER GROUP expanded the areas of its operations in the media space by implementing several large communications projects in the sphere of Event Marketing. Today, the media holding continues to develop this trend holding its solid positions in the segment of marketing communications.

In December 2014, MAER GROUP started implementation of the all-Russian project to place media façades not only in Moscow but in the Russian million cities.

In spring 2015 we have implemented a large-scale communications project to launch the new smartphones by Samsung in the market.

Today, MAER GROUP is one of few Russian media companies which are members of the International Advertising Association (IAA), the oldest industrial advertising structure founded in the USA in 1938.

The story of MAER GROUP can be considered to be a success story. The story of the regional outdoor advertising operator which reached the level of one of the largest and most influential players in the Russian advertising market. And success based on continuous hard work, high professionalism of the team, openness to the market and sincere dedication to its business. 

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