Lenovo has announced the return of the Motorola brand to the Russian market

Sostav.ru: Maer Group advertises Lenovo from the biggest media facade in Europe

The agency UM ordered Lenovo commercials for media facades, as the company declares a return of its famous Motorola brand to the Russian market. In the spring of 2016 the company had placed a commercial for the Moto X Force smart phone on the Mercury tower of the Moscow City business center and on the Leader Tower business center in St. Petersburg.

The media facade of Maer Group in St. Petersburg shown in the video, deserves a separate mention. The facade is enormous; it is clearly visible from the Moscow Avenue, from both sides of the ring road and Pulkovskoye Highway. This advantageous location gives the screen a 360-degree visibility. An estimate places the screen’s GRP at ~30.

Dina Akkuratnova, Lenovo Brand Manager
“In the spring of 2016 Lenovo announced a return of the famous Motorola brand to the Russian market. The media support of the “return of the legend” was not simply big but also original, using unusual projects to help express the product’s essence and showcase its advantages. Among other media, we used Europe’s largest media facade, over 15K sq m. It stands on one of the tallest buildings of St. Petersburg, the Leader Tower, which is 140 m high. The skyscraper’s branding makes it an effective advertising media with a great view visible from anywhere, and the video presentation of the screen in action provided by the owner, Maer Group, shows that our information reaches consumers. The tall building has basically turned into a standing Moto X smart phone.”

Galina Anikina, Managing Partner of UM
“Media facades become more and more popular. Creativity and technical execution are very important. If the image lacks contrast, if it is blurry or the image changes too fast, the whole idea falls through. In this case, working for Lenovo, we avoided all these pitfalls and the placement was impressive and memorable. Test mounting is also important and it is essential to test ads for new media like facades before launching them. The test version may turn out to have poorly visible fonts or logos, they may be too dark or the animation too rapid. Correcting all this beforehand, we project in the end a well-perceived image of the product. So we did with the Mercury tower. The screen is high above the ground, and without a test it was not clear how the advertisement would look, so we had to change the model several times before the result suited us.”

Konstantin Mayor, owner of Maer Group
“I am glad that my colleagues at Lenovo noticed the value of an unusual digital project. A dominating screen with a bright creative advertisement made inhabitants of the two capitals notice the Moto X’s imminent arrival. And, as the representative of UM said, it is important to test an advertisement beforehand. Maer Group always approaches clients individually, which makes our campaigns more effective. We had to do several trial runs in Moscow, and the final mounting satisfied everyone. Advertisers show a great interest in digital formats that let them use outdoor advertising for unconventional campaigns. I am sure that unusual projects will be appreciated by our customers.

Maer Group offers advertisers a product unique for Russia, with unequalled image quality and color rendition. We are planning to keep expanding our network to Russian cities with the population of over one million and set up new facades. Currently we have a screen area of 300K sq. m. where advertisers can show their products.”

Source: Sostav.ru

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