An online incentive for outdoor advertising operators to use digital displays

Outdoor advertising goes digital

Outdoor advertising is turning to the digital format. The Moscow administration continues to simplify procedures for outdoor advertising operators, reports the Mass Media and Advertising Department website.

From the 1st of November Moscow outdoor advertising operators will be able to go to the state services portal and extend their permissions to install advertising media, if they change to digital. This measure is sure to attract Moscow operators’ attention. Operators have actively begun to replace static banners with screens and other digital constructions. At the moment there are already over 180 of them in the city. Ivan Shubin, head of the Mass Media and Advertising Department had said at the Reklama-2016 exhibition that the Moscow advertising market is developing quickly, digital technologies are more often used, which is good news for a quick placement of social advertising as well.

“Large screens always produce a good emotional response, such advertisements are memorable and effective, especially in combination with the moving imagery. They are also bright, vivid and can show motion, which makes them similar to television. Digital-OOH makes new ways of creating content and imagery possible. Digital media let advertisers to maintain and build up their brand values in the minds of consumers,” said the owner of Maer Group Konstantin Mayor.

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