Chelyabinsk’s residents have been reminded of the need to pay property taxes from a media facade

Maer Group shows how to pay taxes in five seconds

The Federal Tax Service’s office in Chelyabinsk Region created a special video to remind citizens of the need to pay their 2015 property, land and transportation taxes by the 1st of December, 2016. The video showed a column of motorcyclists riding in the streets. When the bikers stop for a red traffic light, one of them snatches the chance to pay his taxes online.

“The pace of life in modern cities gets faster and faster, people always try to stay connected. It is easy and convenient to pay property taxes with a mobile gadget,” says the owner of Maer Group Konstantin Mayor. “When we showed this social commercial on our media facade in Chelyabinsk, we and the local branch of the FTS reminded people of the payment deadline. The clip demonstrates how one can discharge monetary obligations literally in five seconds.”

The social commercial of the FTS will participate in the national state-ordered competition of social advertising Impulse. The tax service’s video will be nominated for Best Outdoor Advertisement and Best Video. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in the press center of the international news agency Russia Today in Moscow, on the 14th of December.

Introducing digital screens in Russian regions expands the reach of social advertising. Until now many cities have been outside the scope of modern digital technologies, one of the reasons – the very high cost of their manufacture and installation. The Chelyabinsk media facade alone uses over 2 million light diodes.

“Originally the video was intended for the FTS website only. Then Maer Group decided to assist the Service and started running the video on the most advanced media facade, reminding residents that the deadline is coming. Outdoor digital technologies are an effective way of reaching the audience, especially if an important message needs to be broadcast,” says head of the Kalininsky district branch of the Chelyabinsk office of the FTS Svetlana Orlova.

The Moscow city administration has realized the importance of broadcasting social information and simplified outdoor advertising rules. Starting from the 1st of November the capital’s operators of outdoor commercials will be eligible for expanded permissions on the government website, if they intend to make use of digital means.

“Consumers try to avoid advertisements online, social networks make natural promotion difficult. Large media screens take on the function of bringing socially-oriented messages to the streets. With media facades we improve the appearance of Russian cities (they instantly change the way buildings look) and deliver useful information to people,” claims Konstantin Mayor.

The Chelyabinsk media facade is the seventh project in Maer Group’s program to bring modern communications technologies to Russian regions. The digital format makes it possible to show HD-quality content, which should spice up Russian cities and turn the process of content delivery into a show. Screens of large size are rare in Russia.

“We are convinced that the quality of the visual urban environment influences people’s emotions. If facades will become an organic part of the city, messages will be much more effective,” says the owner of Maer Group.

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