Maer Group has installed a new large media facade in downtown Chelyabinsk Maer Group expands the network of digital advertising media

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is a priority for the media holding. The company has consistently invented advanced digital inventory over the last years. Maer Group launched its first media facade in the Urals and Siberia in 2014.

Currently Maer Group is one of the leaders of the dooh segment of the large format outdoor advertising market in Russia, and it is the only company with a federal media facade network.

By the end of the year the operator is set to have a dozen digital displays in all cities with population over one million, according to its digital communications development program.

The Maer Group media holding intends to increase the number of interactive media facades significantly in the country, achieving the quantity needed to bring our customers’ marketing in large cities to a whole new level,” says the owner of Maer Group Konstantin Mayor. “Developing the digital format will make it possible to show High Definition videos, which should make urban environments more vivid and engaging on the one hand and turn the process of watching commercials into a real show, improving advertisers’ effect on the audience.”

Maer Group is perfecting its targeted digital facade program in places most suited to broadcasting media and most desired by advertisers. Digital content is broadcast from the company’s Moscow headquarters, which assures a timely start of campaigns across the country, from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Chelyabinsk and Vladivostok.

“Digital imagery is definitely a new step in developing outdoor advertising, and we are proud to be among the first in the country who have made that step. The combination of large size, excellent locations and dynamic content makes advertising on digital facades very effective and impressive,” adds Mr. Mayor.


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