Global media market leaders met in London.

MAER GROUP at IAB UK Leadership Summit

From May 18 to May 20, London hosted a global media event which is not very well known in our country. And it is not because it was a secret closed event. Firstly, IAB UK Leadership Summit 2016 was held for the first time, secondly, only the Members of the global IAB (Interactive advertising bureau) were invited. The IAB is a non-commercial organization uniting the world's media industry giants.

It is worth mentioning that the event itself is an extension of the series of successful meetings of the IAB Members in the USA. In a few years of its existence the format of the Annual Leaders meeting had such a good track record that this year it was decided to hold the same event in London (traditional "capital" of European digital and media companies).

The main goal of the London Summit, as it is claimed by its organizers, is the creation of comfortable platform for the key participants of the market and for the discussion of complex and strategic matters of the digital sector. Guy Phillipson, the Head of the IAB UK, mentioned in his Summit opening speech: "For the last five years we all experienced the fast growth in the fields of research, social media, mobile, video- and programmatic advertising. During this time the rules of the game changed for both advertisers/agencies, and platforms. From my personal communication with marketing experts it became clear to me that the last two years were marked by vast restructuring processes (and re-pitches) in order to take full advantage of the transformation and digital capacities in marketing, product promotion, operational activities. The Leadership Summit is a perfect platform for joint formation of our future actions and future policy of our industry".

The top-managers of Google, Yahoo, Bloomberg, Havas, Mindshare, Maxus, Zenith Optimedia, Mediacom, BBDO, Unilever, P&G, Oracle and many other global representatives of the media market seem to have met in Great Britain for the same purpose. At this time representatives of Facebook, Channel4, MacDonalds, The Telegraph and other ad and media market leaders share their reports and cases.

Extract from the Marketing Communications Director of Unilever Keith Weed's report:

"Currently, one of the most crucial tasks of the interactive advertising is to learn how to interact with the user online and in the given context. In a perfect world we know that a Stan who likes sci-fi right now is passing by our shop. We show to him an advertising material of a sci-fi stylized product without distracting him from the "Star wars" news that he is reading at the moment. We catch him just by the doors of the shop and make such an offer and in such a form that he won't be able to resist. Is it more expensive than common advertising? Indeed. Is it many times more effective? For sure!"


The only representative of the Russian media community at the IAB UK Leadership Summit 2016 was the media holding MAER GROUP, services provider of all the network advertising agencies, who also has significant international contracts with the leading global media platforms. Konstantin Mayor, owner of MAER GROUP: "For us, the participation in the IAB Summit in London is not only an opportunity to meet our European partners — as of now and future ones. It is also the platform for the search for new ideas for OOH, event marketing, digital. For this purpose we conducted a number of very important meetings with representatives of Mindshare and Ocean Outdoor. Both the meetings and our experience in technologies development shows that the time of "360° advertising campaigns" has come, it means that neither the outdoor advertising, nor complex communication projects will not be able to do without digital advertising. Surely, the IAB Summit is one of the most expectable and important events of the world's media industry".


The cases presented at the Summit showed that nowadays the market can implement complex cross-projects dismantling all the stereotypes on outdoor advertising, and campaigns joining outdoor, digital and mobile advertising. For instance, it was implemented by the teams of MG OMD and Grand Visual for the Odeon cinema theatres chain: data on available tickets and movie trailers were projected online on media facades nearby cinema theatres, and at the same time the outdoor advertising was synchronized with mobile geo-targeting. This case impressed the West and won the award in a prestigious competition by Ocean Outdoor, but, according to Konstantin Mayor, we also are able to implement such project not only in Moscow, but also in all big cities of Russia.


The IAB is an advertising organization that develops sector-oriented standards, make research and provide legal assistance for Internet advertising. The organization consists of a large number of well-known global media in the USA and Europe. The head office was established in 1996 and until the present day it has been located in New York. The IAB global network includes 42 international licensed organizations all over the world. As to Europe, the organization is represented by 27 regional units and more than 5500 member-companies.

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